Annual report 2021
In 2021, we found new loving homes for altogether 349 animals (194 dogs, 153 cats, 1 rabbit, 1 guinea pig) and returned 20 wild animals (1 bat, 19 eastern hedgehogs) to their natural habitat.


Móres needs your help!
After a car accident Móres is in a big trouble. His surgery costs are 260 000 HUF. Please, Help!


Report of 2020 Animal Shelter Székesfehérvár
The number of animals entering has reduced as compared to the previous year, and this was clearly during the March-April period, fewer animals were received during the quarantine period, while the rest of the year was similar to the previous years. Last year there were more cats than dogs again! The population of cats is growing at a very high rate, and the authorities are not dealing with it at any level!


Intézkedések a koronavírus járvány kapcsán 2020.11.10-től
Az állatotthon NEM látogatható. A talált állatok átvétele, az örökbe fogadás csak Időpontfoglalással lehetséges, kötelező szájmaszk, kihelyezett adománygyűjtő - ezek a legfontosabb tudnivalók.


Muscular upper body challenge for the animals – Would you accept that too?
You can regularly read daily reports about the work of the animal shelter and the owner looking animals on the Facebook page of Fehérvári Állatotthon – HEROSZ. In order to make this work smoothly and up-to-date, next to the site manager Gyöngyi Krepsz, a team of volunteers needs to work diligently on a daily basis.