Christmas of Animals

We are inviting the warm hearted people to take part on our yearly Christmas ceremony on the 7th of December at 2 p.m.

Anybody can place a gift for the animals under the ornamented Christmas tree from 2 p.m. till 4.30!


What we urgently need is food (can be canned too!) for the small puppies and kitties!


What we need for the everyday life:


- hay

- straw

- wooden chips

- feeding and drinking bowls

-  warm clothes

- anti parasites

- vitamin pills

- bone enhancer pills

- equipments: beddings, leads, collars

- cleaning and antiseptic liquids

- cleaning equipments

- rubbish bags

- paper towels

- liquid soap


We also need your generous donation to operate the shelter, handling several health issues and maintaining the health conditions. If you could please transfer money to our bank account:


IBAN HU19 1173 6116 2008 4974 0000 0000



But of course it is always the best gift for every homeless animals is to find a loving forever home! If you can't bring home your beloved one you can still support him/ her with a virtual adoption (please find this possibility on the datasheet of the animals). Or please recommend them to your friends and acquaintances.

The animals are grateful for every piece of love and care! Please come to visit them in the opening hours or enjoy the pack walks on Sundays!


We are so thankful for every kind of care of the sheltered animals!