A lovely puppy needs your help

A young, beautiful dog, called Mogul lives in our shelter. He is only 9 months old and he has suffered enough for a life time already… His leg has been broken a long time ago and his former owner did not bother to take him to the doctor. A lot of time passed by without any medical care, long enough to deform his bones, his legs. Until one day he was found on the street of our town and taken to the shelter by a civilian.
Now he is limping and he has to deal with a lot of pain each and every day.
But he is still happy and joyful, a real bunch of love.

We at the shelter would like to help him to have a happy and healthy life, exactly what he deserves!
The first step to the dream life is a series of operations. It costs a lot of money, 320.000 HUF. A lady already donated 100.000 forints and we got some smaller donations as well.

So now the missing amount is 171.000 HUF.

The rehabilitation period will take only 6-8 weeks and after that he can live exactly how he deserves to live, happily playing and running around without major, constant pain.

If you feel you would like to help Mogul please donate a price of a coffee or chocolate to this bank account:



IBAN: HU19 1173 6116 2008 4974 0000 0000

with a comment: MOGUL
Do not worry if you cannot support Mogul financially, please just send him your best wishes and some positive energy, we definitely need it!