Children for the responsible way of animal keeping
This is the 10th season for this program called childrensection. In year 2016/ 17 we have 177 members.


Fundraising and adoption days at Auchan Chain Stores
Many years ago we are in a good partnership with the local Auchan Store. They often support our animals with dog/ cat food and they also support our events' success with different kind of donations.


Dog walking event on Sundays
We organize already for 10 years these walks the experiences are being collected because there are only a few weekends when the walk will be cancelled because of a programme or the weather.


With animals in the Bory Castle
We are very proud of our volunteers. They help to organise so many programmes, sometimes there are more events in the same time. These events are a great chance for the animals to show their lovely character.


Open Day
June 5 2016 we held our this year's open day. Instead of the changeable unpredictable weather a lot of people visited us giving so a great pleasure to fast 300 animals.