Lights of the city for the Animals
World Day of Animals the October 05 organized by Dog Garden, FEMA, the Animal Home HEROSZ and Gabor Nyakas. Our sponsors were: Fressnapf, Fehér Palota /White Palace/ business centre, Museum Café, Praktiker


Report of first nine month of 2015
There was a very exciting period, lots of animals who need care, lots of adoption, lots of programms.


Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas and happy new year!


Falkastrand 12 09 2015
Great event with your dog!


Quarterly report
109 dogs and 55 cats found new home and we performed 56 castration and 3 bone surgeries. 1450 people visited us. Children Faculty, Sunday Dog Walk, demonstrations in schools, training for stressful dogs, Dog School. That’s all- and a lot of other things- could fit into the first quarter of 2015.