Ottó Herman, the great polyhistor and scientist, established the society in 1882. This was the first and for a long time the only society for the prevention of cruelty to animals in Hungary. Moreover, it was also one of the first societies in Europe.

This public organization called HEROSZ has been established to solve the local problems of animal protection. Its activity covers the whole area of Hungary. There are fourteen local organizations where the active, practical animal protective work happens and the central office, in Budapest, dealing with regulations and administration.

The aims of the society:

-developing the protection of the living word

-fighting for decreasing the number of vagrant animals

-raising tolerance towards living creatures

-forming sense of responsibility towards the environment

-forming a highly responsible animal keeping culture


From the fourteen local organizations, six are active on country-level and eight on town-level. There are two shelters in Budapest and in Székesfehérvár where not only dogs and cats are received and are taken care of but also any kind of animals. Five local organizations operate dog shelters in Zalaegerszeg, Mohács, Kiskunfélegyháza, Szentes and Gödöllő.

The activity of the society is very complex, but it can be grouped into four main points:


1. Operating shelters

This means daily and active species protection. Rescuing and taking care of starying, being bored by the owner or injured animals is a highly responsible duty. This needs the largest part of the budget, because the shelters of society must take care of more than 1000 animals each day. As a preventive activity, they deal with mediating animals and giving information about castration and spaying.

2. Legal advice service

The central office and every local organization deal with this service. The population regularly asks for advice in animal keeping and protection. They cooperate with local organizations and departments of animal protection.


3. View forming

Animal protection is needed because of people's irresponsibility. The society has never wanted to prefer animals' interest to humans' ambition but our creed is that the love of animals and our environment should be part of human dignity. So the society organizes programmes for the public to show its aims and activities. The members regularly take part in different social programmes where they may propagate the society. Campaigns and open days are held to call people's attention to the importance of animal protection and possible solutions. One of our organizations (in BAZ county) gives the „ For the protection of the living word” award year by year.


4. Environmental education

As the young are the future, the society intends to grow up a responsible generation with the help of camps, lectures in schools, applications, competitions, dog training shows and other activities with animals.

Our Workteam:

Gyöngyi Krepsz, boss of the shelter, zoologist

Betti Boros, animal caretaker

Erika Győrfi, animal caretaker

Viki Gáspár, animal caretaker

Zoli Nagy, animal caretaker

Zoé Kaifis, animal caretaker

Our veterinarian team:

dr. István Koller

dr. Éva Mazák