How you can help us

Our society is not subsidized by the state, we live on only donations and offerings. If you agree with our aims and activity, please, aid us in order that we could help more animals that are in trouble.


With aid

Our central bank account on:

IBAN HU04 1173 6006 2146 6890 0000 0000



Our society exclusively lives on donations and offerings, so we do not have fix income that would ensure the financial support we need for functioning. It would be a huge help if you could aid us monthly even if only with a small amount of money.


With membership

If you agree with our aims and ambitions, join us! Membership declaration can be downloaded from here. Subscriptions:

Adult 3000 HUF/year


Student 900 HUF/year


Retired 1800 HUF/year


 With support

If you would like to support us, please, get in touch with the organization to get to know what they need the most.


Some things which are needed everytime:


-pet food (in any quantities)


-equipment :


-leash, collar


-dog/cat house

  • bowls from animals can eat and drink

  • litter

  • toys (ball, rope)


-detergents and equipment (ex: disinfectant)


-rugs, sheets, blankets (mainly before winter)


-medicine (flea and tick pest control, vermifuge, bandage, antiseptics)



 With voluntarism

Those who would like to do something for protecting animals actively or to change the permanent situation are highly welcomed. The condition of voluntarism is the HEROSZ membership. Voluntary work is very complex, many people would never think how much a volunteer can help the animals and us. If you would like to join us, contact us in this e-mail: Foreign volunteers are also welcomed, maybe with help of them we can build international relationships, as well.



With virtual adoption

If you not able to receive, but you would like to support some of our protégés then adopt one virtually! Virtual adoption means that you adopt the animal without taking it home. The virtual owner's duties are trying to find a real owner, walking with the animal, petting and contributing to the monthly cost of the animal. Virtual adoption is available on the animal's page.

Thank you for your help and support!