Virtual adoption

The virtual adoption is a great opportunity to support an animal even if you cannot actually adopt it. The name of the supporter (or nickname) can be seen next to the virtual adopted animal during the whole adoption time. Of course you can also give a company name for supporter so the profile of popular animals could serve as an advertisement for the company too.

The average costs for keeping an animal are 400 HUF, which we counted considering animal health, feeding and other costs. A puppy waiting for a whole vaccination program costs more than a vaccinated adult dog and keeping costs of a sick dog are higher than that of a healthy dog.

The minimal adoption time is 5 days. If you set less days, the system will automatically increase it to 5 days.

After entering your data and accepting the conditions of contract you can send us the contract so our organisation will be informed about the adoption.

From this time on you have 48 hours to transfer the chosen keeping fee to the bank account of our organisation giving the name of the animal and „virtuális örökbefogadás” (virtual adoption) in note (e.g. Buksi virtuális örökbefogadása). In 3 working days after the arrival of your donation we will finalize the adoption and you become the VIRTUAL ADOPTER of the chosen animal for the chosen time and your name/nickname will appear next to the animal.

An animal can have only one virtual adopter at the same time. In the event of two virtual adoptions that one takes priority whose payment arrives earlier to our bank account. If an animal is already „taken” so it has a virtual adopter your virtual adoption will start when the previous adoption ends.

If an animal is adopted during the virtual adoption or it dies the leftover of the support will be turned to cover other vet costs of other animals in the animal shelter.

We will send a tax certificate to our supporters about all donations transferred to our bank account if you entered your name, address and tax number at payment. If any data is missing you have to make an application for the tax certificate in writing (e-mail or post) giving the missing data at the latest by 31 December of the adoption year. 

Thank you very much for your support!