Educational programs

HEROSZ Organization in county Fejér, HEROSZ Animal Shelter in Székesfehérvár

Our educational programs basically have 3 pillars:

1. Reception in the shelter and programs for groups

2. Presentations, playful teaching in the educational institutes

3. To organize tenders and actions

There is always present a living animal in our lectures. The lectures’ timing always needed reconciliation in advance!

We have the county’s Health Organization’s permit for these lectures!

1. Reception in the shelter and programs for groups

a.) Animal- and environmental protection summer camp since 1995, every year

b.) Two hours lectures (only in the afternoon) in the shelter, for groups (20-25 persons)

c.) We kindly receive every volunteer groups from middle schools

2. Presentations, playful teaching in the educational institutes

Especially for kids – Children section:

  • for schools: 32 lectures (monthly, during 4 years)
  • for kindergartens: 12 lectures (in every 2nd months, during 3 years)

We also accept invitations from every schools and community centers.

The lectures are taking 45 minutes. They are worked out for every ages in schools and for kindergarten. It is also possible to hold lectures after another. Even in the same theme for many classes or in an other theme. Our themes are the following:

  • The language and body language of a dog
  • The behavior of a dog
  • Taking care of a rabbit and its needs
  • Cat history, how to raise and train a cat on a playful way
  • Introducing the shelter, the problems of the stray animals
  • Earth Day – conversation about the biodiversity
  • How can I keep a healthy pet at home?
  • Hungary’s wildlife and national parks
  • Native wildlife: animals in the agriculture, dog breeds

We also agree to guide playful trips at Sóstó education trail

It is a 1,5 hour long walk with games, we show the wildlife of Sóstó.

3. To organize tenders and actions (they are periodical):

How well do you know nature? – competition on the day dedicated to Birds and Trees for primary schools, classes 3-4, with Pál Vasvári Primary School

Competition to win the title: animal and environment protection ambassador

Recite a poem on the worldwide day of the animals – competition

Competition for the best (animal) mask (at Fashing, Carnival)

Competition for fine arts on the green signed days

Competition for teams about Ottó Hermann Memorial Year (for primary scools and also for secondary schools)


For more information:  Call: 30/9858-309 (Hungary, +36)