Our environmental mission

The environmental program of the shelter in Székesfehérvár

To protect the environment means to protect, care and ensure our future! Unfortunately in the last two centuries the mankind haven’t paid attention how heavy is this load for the nature. The ecological footprints increased huge, our resources and raw materials used till their end and we flooded the planet Earth with our garbage. Luckily the developed countries are awaked and try to solve these huge problem. All the questions about sustainable development are dealing in details with these problem.

Our animal shelter HEROSZ is an organization which created to solve only locational problems but we grew and dealing problems which are located in the whole country.

Our goals:

  • to guard and develop wildlife
  • decrease the number of stray animals
  • to educate people to respect other creatures
  • to form a responsible culture for the pet hold around the house

We created our own program with the help of these principles so we want to take part to protect our environment. This is why we continuously use and develop these basic theories.

Our steps can be divided into three different groups.  

  1. Selecting and collecting the waste

To operate the shelter the biggest problem is the lot of garbage which means a lot of debit for the environment. The animal shelter signed a contract with the council that the trash will be transported weekly. These garbage transports mean big costs for the shelter this is why our solution was to rather select the trash.

We collect the paper, metal, plastic and glass into different holders. When these holders are full they will be transported. Our costs for the transport are much lower in this way and also decrease the load of Székesfehérvár-Csala Pénzverővölgy.

  1. Composting

There are 4 containers in the shelter’s area what make the compost. We use this generated material for the care of plants and vegetables in our garden.

  1. Plantation, forestation

The shelter’s soil is unfortunately not favorable for plants. Even so we do small gardens, green islands, plant trees and bushes. Green plants decrease the pollution but produces oxygen and also provide food for the wild birds. At the plantation we also pay attention if the plants (trees) can continuously provide enough meal to our feathered visitors.