Supporters Club


Supporting Team (ST)

You don't have a chance to visit the Animal Shelter because you live far?

You have already have an adopted pet or you're allergic to animal fur?

But you would still like to help the animals… 


Introduction: The enthusiastic volunteers of HEROSZ Animal Shelter in Székesfehérvár established the Supporting Team (shorten name: ST) on the 1st October 2011.  

The Team was established to help the operation of the Fehervar Animal Sheltert with a fixed monthly amount of money. The Fehervar Animal Shelter has been caring and giving temporary shelters to animals without owners since 1992. For this support,  the Animal Shelter needs certain income offered by helpful individuals and companies.  

How can you become a supporter?

Membership: Any individuals or companies can become members who want to provide financial support.

The support (at least 500 HUF/month) shall be paid until 15th of each month to the following bank account:

IBAN HU19 1173 6116 2008 4974 0000 000


After the first payment you should send a mail to in order to confirm that you have become a member. Your name and the amount will be shown on the website at the animals profile.

Please inform us by e-mail if you do not want to have your name and the given amount appear on the website.  

Aims: we use the amount of aid to develop, repair and make better conditions of the Animal Home; to buy equipments and tools; to organize castrating programs. We support Animal Home and one of its events per month. Each event supports a special aim that is voted by Supporting Team during a given period, e.g. building up a new kennel, castration programs, buying special food for 1 chosen dog, etc.



Here you can find the website of Supporting Team in Hungarian